Why do you guys review old games, or games I’ve never heard of?

We post reviews about games that we love to play, or are currently playing. The fact is we are gamers not employees. We are doing this purely because of we have a passion for this industry. Our hope is that reviews of new release, retro games or games you may have never heard of will spark your interest to discover something new.

Why do you review games based on letter grade and not numbers?

We feel like letter grades are a better representation of how we feel about the quality of the game. For instance, a “7.5” is not as easy to determine than say if a game got a “B”. The other reason is to help support low budget and independant games. If you see that a game has a score of “5” this is viewed as being a bad score. Actually a “5” rating typically means average, so we feel that a “C” rating would be appropriate. We see this as an attempt to take the politics out of typical reviews and give all games a fair shot.

I have noticed that you give older games good reviews just like the new bad ass games.  Shouldn’t the new games be better?

We like to think that every game’s review should be based on it’s own merit.  There are plenty of retro games that are still great games today.  Meaning that if we held everything to the same standard, it would be unfair to compare Wolfenstein 3D to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. With that in mind, we hold each game to the technological limits of the year it was released.  Technology has come a long way and so has the capability of the developers, so we review each game as fairly as possible leaving room for games like Adventure for Atari 2600 to still walk away with a good review.

Some of your reviews seem biased or kind of harsh, why is that?

We try to give every game a fair review, but in the end we are people too. Each review doesn’t necessarily reflect all of our opinions, but merely the reviewer at the time. We encourage each other to be honest and voice their likes and dislikes. The greatest benefit to this approach is that it allows us to maintain our “honest review” motto with sincerity. The saving grace is that we allow our staff to review games that have already been looked at in an effort to provide second opinions.

Can I request a review?

Sure! We will do our best to review any requested games, but please keep in mind that it may take a while to get to the review. You may request a game to be reviewed by emailing jon@unpaidgamers.com or clicking the link on the side menu titled Request Review.

Who are all the names at the top of the webpage?

These are the guys who review the games and post the articles. By putting ourselves in the public view, our hope is that our readers will identify with our personalities and use this to help gain credibility to our reviews and opinions.

Are you really unpaid?

Our income comes from working normal jobs. We review these games only out of our passion for gaming. The added benefit of doing this unpaid is that it helps to eliminate potentially biased reviews.

I left comment, where is it?

While we do appreciate all comments positive or negative, if they are not constructive we will not post them.

What is the best kind of cake?


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  1. GameXPosure says:

    Hope to see more posts from you guys soon! We have nominated The UnpaidGamers for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out here: http://gamexposure.com/2013/11/19/reception-of-versatile-blogger-award/

    Btw, love the passion for old school gaming! Never forget!

  2. Irvin88 says:

    As somebody who is passionate about video games, I share your struggle of trying to break into the industry of video games. My dream, as I’m sure it’s yours as well, is to become a video game journalist. Hope you guys get noticed and hopefully, we’ll be working together at IGN, Gametrailers, some day. Good luck in all your endeavors!

  3. Great initiative – once our start-up is off the ground, we would love to include your reviews or link your blog to our initiative!

    Check us out – http://www.campusnowblogs.wordpress.com

  4. Are you looking for a PC reviewer at all?

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