May’s Loot Crate is obviously themed “Power” but what does that include…  Let’s find out!  WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Like our coverage in April we bring you all the details on the latest Loot Crate theme “Power”.  Last month was definitely a great introduction for us as we got a first hand look at what exactly a “Loot Crate” contained.  Just in case you missed our last breakdown you can find the link here.

Knowing the kind of value that the previous crate brought with it really managed to increase the excitement and anticipation as I kept a close watch on the tracking information this time around.  Being a self proclaimed “Geek” or “Nerd” all of these items are right up my alley anyway, so to see what kind of treasures await is truly a unique and exciting experience.  As I stated before this is really becoming a family affair, we all center around the signature black box, break the seal and keep our eyes locked on what treasures await us.  I can almost imagine the mythical glow on all of our faces as our jaws drop and and eyes widen every month.  But what you really want to know is what items were included this month right?  I know you do, so let’s just get started…


As show in the image above is the cover of this month’s magazine featuring the perfect mascot for “Power”… The Hulk!  I see how a lot of people could just skip over this part of the crate  and focus on the included items, but honestly it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite aspects and I look forward to seeing what every month brings.  Like usual we are treated to a breakdown of every item in an entertaining and creative way.  One example for this month is a breakdown of a few incarnations of the Hulk and a brief description of their personalities.  Articles like this could be common knowledge for a man of my stature, but for your average or casual fan, they may not know about Joe Fixit or Professor Hulk.  This month comes filled with interesting articles, interviews (one with World of Warcraft’s Robert Kazinsky) and even a recipe inspired by Thanos.  You heard that right…  Not only do we get a great breakdown of the Infinity Gems and their relation to that fabulous Infinity Gauntlet, but you can also try your hand at Thanos’ Muffins of Death (By Chocolate).  I know who’s wife will be begged for these!


Speaking of Thanos, here is a close up of this awesome item and probably my second favorite item in the crate.  Yes, it is an oven mitt and its completely awesome.  Not only is this mitt well made, but it looks absolutely terrific.  So much in fact, it’s now hanging in my kitchen for all to see how big of dorks we really are and I totally love it.


Next up the terrific Hulk figurine by Q-Fig.  How could you have a theme of “Power” and not include the Hulk right?  Luckily this little guy was thrown in and now has a permanent home in my hallway.  While he isn’t exactly detailed to the max, but he features plenty of style and looks great hanging around the house.


Whether you are looking forward to the upcoming film, a huge World of Warcraft, or just like fantasy themed items one thing is for sure, this is an awesome shirt.  Not only do I love the minimalist aspect of it’s design, but this shirt is built for comfort as well.  I realize that may sound kind of silly, but I am kind of picky with my clothing and so many great shirts use the scratchy as hell 100% cotton and insanely uncomfortable artwork.  Now that I got that off my chest, I’m happy to report this shirt passes with flying colors.  Not only is the fabric a nice thin blend of cotton, but the printing is flexible and hardly noticeable to the touch.  I only hope future crates will keep this high of a standard.


For you Dragon Ball Z fans, you are given this awesome Shenron plush keychain.  I personally am not a huge DBZ fan, but my son was quick to snatch this item up and add to his collection.  I can still appreciate that it’s super cool and well made, so kudos to Loot Crate on this little guy.


Last but not least is this month’s LootPin.  This is another aspect of the Loot Crate that I thoroughly enjoy seeing every month.  How they interpret each theme and showcase it with one image on every pin.  While I can’t say this is my favorite (that award has to go to the D20 pin last month), I still think this is a great entry and looks amazing side by side with previous designs.

There you have it…  May’s crate is in the books and as usual I feel that it brings a tremendous value that everyone should try out.  Not only are you treated with all these amazing items, but you have the excitement of getting a “grab bag” delivered right to your doorstep.  Every box has a tale to tell and is sure to bring with it a treasure chest of gifts and excitement.

Stay tuned for next month’s crate themed “Dystopia”.  For more information and to start your subscription visit The Official Site.  Perfect timing too, use the promo FREEFIG with your new subscription and get a FREE Mystery Figure.



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