Quest Loot

Ever had a Loot Crate before?  Don’t exactly know what it is or what’s included?  Neither did we until now.  Let’s take a closer look at the Loot Crate for April 2016 that showcases the theme “Quest”.  Warning Spoilers Ahead

In case you don’t know, Loot Crate is a subscription based service that provides a monthly delivery of items centered around all things “Geek”.  Each month carries it’s own theme and this April delivery is no exception.  With the theme of “Quest” we are greeted with items from Uncharted, Harry Potter, Vikings, and a few others.  I honestly think it’s a really cool investment that brings you a box of collectibles that you might not have purchased on your own, but is still very cool to have.  It really adds to the pleasure of getting these crates if you are willing to share with those around you who share similar interests.  Let’s take a closer look and I will tell you what I mean.

First up we have an Exclusive Labyrinth T-Shirt that includes the amazing poster art for the film.  This comes your way from Ripple Junction and not only fits the “Quest” theme perfectly, but serves as a great tribute to one of the coolest musicians to ever walk this planet.


As seen directly below Jennifer Connelly in the above piture, we have this incredibly cool Vikings Drinking Horn.  This also includes the leather strap shown in the picture.  What better item to join you on your adventures than something like this.  I mean who hasn’t really wanted one of these anyway?  I know who will be taking this to the Highlands Renaissance Festival!


Here is a closer look at the Uncharted 4 poster that is now hanging my sons room, and the Harry Potter socks that my wife claimed.  (See what I mean about keeping those around you happy)  I do really enjoy the variety that is in these Crates and personally I don’t mind the occasion odd thing like Harry Potter socks.  Of course I have someone that I can pass those kinds of things to.  For the rest of you I may recommend you look at a few of the previous crates and see how often there are items included that you wouldn’t find any value in.  I only say this because it does come down to whether or not it is worth the money to you.  If you are constantly giving away a large amount of items it may not be worth it.  Like I said in my case the Loot Crates are something that my family can enjoy and everyone looks forward to getting something.  This is just an important factor to keep in mind.


Moving on we have one of my favorite items, the D20 ice cube maker.  I have had a handful of ice cube trays in the past made out of this rubber and none have worked that great until this one.  This manages to seal just right and after freezing looks just like you would hope.  One of the coolest aspects of the the process is seeing the numbers well preserved on the ice when you take out the 20 sided wonder.  Being an old school Dungeons and Dragons fan, I have a great appreciation for this item and I am totally thrilled to see it in this edition.

The last item is the Loot Pin shown on the right.  This one features the D20 and is one of the other cooler parts of the Loot Crate experience.  Every month you will get a pin that reflects that months theme, and we all know how many Pin Collectors are out there.


The final thing I want to mention is this bad boy.  The official Loot Crate Magazine that is included in every issue.  It serves as not only your guide to every item included, but it is also utilized well to reinforce the theme with it’s own unique features.


For example some of features of the “Quest” book includes a section dedicated to being A Guide To Safely Avoiding Quests, A really great punch recipe to fill up your Viking Horn, Letters from Lost Adventurers, and a pretty neat Choose Your Own Adventure style story that can be continued online.

While most of these features are briefly touched on and not really too expansive, I think combined it really serves to showcase the theme that each Loot Crate is trying to accomplish.  Overall I feel that this month’s Loot Crate was a moderate success and I look forward to seeing what future editions hold.

Keep and eye out here for details on months to come.


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