It’s ok…Neither had we until I came across the website.  I can however tell you one thing… it sounds amazing!  Check out more information below.

You wake up and find yourself in Dr. Tom’s evil lab.  He had been working to find a cure for TNS7 but was fired before he could finish.  Now he has turned the cure into a medicine that turns people into strong, obedient zombies that will follow his every command for his army.  He has left for 60 minutes to find more victims for his army.  You must figure out how to escape before he comes back for you!  In the lab is a zombie he has been working on.  He is tied down with 5 restraints but every 10 minutes he is getting stronger and breaking one of his restraints.  If the zombie gets you then you must go into quarantine until the rest of your teammates can escape and send help for you.

This is the description of “The Lab”, which is one of two rooms available at C.R. Escape Zone.  I have heard that places like these exist, but I have never actually been to one.  Promoting themselves as an ideal attraction for both parties and corporate environments, this definitely seems like something that everyone should keep on their radar.  Whether it’s for personal enjoyment or used as a “team building” exercise, this looks like the perfect attraction for almost anyone.

How does it all work?  Are you really locked it?  Are my friends and I good enough to solve this?  These are the questions that almost anyone will ask themselves.

The short answer is for more information, you can visit The Official Website or The Official Facebook Page.  If that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity.. don’t worry we got you covered.  Keep a look out in the near future for our first hand coverage of this attraction and our thoughts on the experience.


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