Atlanta-based indie rock band, GOODNIGHT BUFFALO is set to release their third EP, Internal Politics, on Friday, October 23. Tracks “Seashores,” “Backroads,” “All Out” and “Iron” from the new release can be heard here.

Taking their name from a line in one of their favorite childhood movies, Radio Flyer, GOODNIGHT BUFFALO was formed by brothers Rusty and Brian Kahl in 2009. Possessing a sound uniquely their own, yet with elements reminiscent of such bands as R.E.M. and U2, the band has released two EPs, a full-length album, Back and Fill, with music from the album featured on such hit MTV shows as Jersey Shore, Friendzone, and Snookie & JWoww.

Originally a drummer/percussionist, Rusty had found previous success as a founding member of the cult bands Group X: Arabian Rap Sensations and Manhattan. After his first year at Berklee College of Music in Boston however, he grew restless with the drums and began teaching himself guitar and piano. It was during this time, that he began writing much of the original material that would later become Goodnight Buffalo’s first album.

Upon his return to Atlanta, Rusty shared the songs he had written with his brother and former band mate Brian. Immediately inspired by the songs and the vision Rusty had for a band, Brian began writing lyrics and melodies to the songs as the two of them set out to find the remaining musicians that would complete Goodnight Buffalo. With the enlistment of Tom Bruno on drums, well known in the Atlanta music scene for his complex and powerful playing style, and Dan Edwards, a blues and punk fusion inspired lead guitarist, the band was almost complete except for the elusive bassist, which would be found in the brothers’ cousin, Clint Kahl. Though originally a guitarist with some background playing bass, Clint had a shared musical understanding with the rest of the band and a natural talent on bass that immediately complimented and completed Goodnight Buffalo’s sound.

Goodnight Buffalo spent the next year developing their songs and live show playing numerous shows and venues around Atlanta. In the spring of 2012, the band entered the studio to record their first full-length album. Consisting of twelve songs, the band spent the next three months recording with local legend Matthew Washburn at LedBelly Sound Studio. Released in October 2012, and featuring the songs “The Day I Leave,” “I’m Sorry,” and the album’s biggest single “Amends,” the album received positive reviews for its emotional intensity and well crafted songs. The band released a video for “Some Deserve” off the album in 2013 and received placement of five of the album’s songs on major network television.

In December 2013, the band again reunited with Matthew Washburn and recorded the three song EP “Is Is This.” Featuring the song “The Naïve,” an intimately personal song written by Brian ten years prior, and album artwork by renowned Atlanta artist Tina Ciranni (Redtina), the album was a softer and more experimental album for the band.

The upcoming release of Goodnight Buffalo’s third EP, “Internal Politics,” on October 23, 2015, marks another turning point for the band’s music and craft. From the outset of the songwriting process, the band wanted to write a more personal and raw sounding album than their previous releases. Furthering the band’s departure from their previous efforts, they enlisted the help of producer/engineer Ben Etter and recorded the album at Glow In The Dark studios in Atlanta over a period of six months. With Ben’s help and while still maintaining their unique sound, the EP’s seven songs showcase a notably faster and more uplifting side to Goodnight Buffalo, with vocalist Brian Kahl’s lyrics diving deeper into elements of spirituality, hope and conflict. “Seashores,” the albums first single, is scheduled for release on September 4, 2015, followed by an original album artwork showing by Redtina on September 17 and the official album release show at Smith’s Olde Bar on October 23.


Masters – May 2011

Back and Fill – October 2012

Is Is This – December 2013

Internal Politics – October 2015

Official Website:


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