Halloween Whopper
Yes… We tried it!

The above image is courtesy of the Official Site.  The official title is the A.1. Halloween Whopper Sandwich.  The black color is supposedly due to A.1. being baked straight into the bun.  The burger comes topped with your standard whopper offerings with the exception of A.1. sauce being added on top of the 1/4 lb. patty itself.

Being such huge Halloween fans we knew we had to give this one a try.  Not to be confused with BK’s Japanese burgers that are detailed here.  Burger King is really playing up holiday theme choosing to wrap the burger in mummy paper.


I tend to try a lot of these “Specialty” burgers and my biggest complaint is most of the time they don’t really look very much the picture.  I suppose there isn’t much to go wrong here but while it doesn’t exactly look quite as refreshing as the advertisement, I wasn’t really let down by the visual offerings as much as I normally am.  Perhaps I am just already used to what a whopper really looks like and wasn’t really surprised here.

One thing I was hesitant on was the overkill of the A.1. taste.  With the bun being baked with flavor and the sauce being added as a sauce I was expected to be bombarded with that A.1. taste.  To my surprise there was a great balance of flavor and it seemed to have just the right amount of tang without drowning out the grilled awesomeness that you look for in a whopper.

Beyond that there really isn’t much else to mention about this holiday creation, but for what it’s worth I think they did a great job of creating a brand new novelty item that will no doubt become a staple of October.

Overall:  A+


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