Plenty of homegrown horror fans already have their outfit sorted. And their decorations…and the party food…and the spooky themed cocktails…

Halloween. It’s every witch’s favorite time of year. Ghosts and ghouls go crazy for it, werewolves howl for joy at the prospect and vampires just can’t wait to get their pointy teeth into a piece of the action. And we’re spending more and more on Halloween gear than ever before.

For mere mortals, it’s a perfect excuse to get dressed up, play silly games and beg at our neighbors’ doors for sweets. And as official outfitters of Halloween, Morphsuits predict that Minions, Avengers and Cinderella will all be hot costume choices this year, among all the classic Halloween ensembles such as the classic flesh-eating zombies, witches and blood-sucking vampires.

But first, everything else you need to know about the spookiest time of the year. In one fact-packed infographic.



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