DegiGames is proud to bring last year’s Indie Game Maker Contest winner (1st prize, non-RPG), Daemon Detective: Gaiden, to Steam today for Windows PC. Daemon Detective: Gaiden, or DDG for short, is a retro action platformer that blends some of the most beloved mechanics from games such as Castlevania, Mario Bros. and Ninja Gaiden to create the vibrant and action packed town of New Magma City. Join Yal as he hunts down 120 stolen paintings in a town filled with dangerous creatures.

New Magma City is inspired by Mumbai, India, where private detectives are more plentiful than police. This is a town barely able to hold onto the law, and the use of these private forces has become commonplace. When 120 paintings are stolen from the city’s largest art museum, it is up to Yal and his crew to track them all down.

In DDG, your goal is to track down 120 paintings, spread across more than 40 levels! Each painting is hidden behind traps and daemons, and it will take skill, speed, and timing to extract it safely. You’re not alone in your quest, though: Four playable characters with different strengths, dozens of powerups and a special shady coin shop to buy enhancements will give you the edge over the villains. DDG features multiple difficulties and full controller support for that age old retro feel.

Find out more about Daemon Detective: Gaiden on the Steam page at


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