Redemption: Eternal Quest by indie games developer SimProse Studios offers an exciting gameplay experience to RPG and simulation fans of all ages and experience levels and is available via STEAMâ„¢ Greenlight today. Your task is to select and manage a party of adventurers with the objective of completing thrilling quests and to collect rare treasure and precious relics.

Redemption: Eternal Quest combines roster- and resource-management with classic RPG elements to create a unique randomly generated player scenario for each turn and every game session. Explore deserted ruins and enter dark dungeons on your quest for loot, and collect chests full of treasure, while fulfilling dangerous quests and engaging in card-based combat. You must manage your guild, heal your warriors, mentor your party, and watch them grow into legendary heroes. Prestige from discoveries will drive your party to even greater heights, and will help to prepare them for additional adventures.

Redemption: Eternal Quest features a polished interface, orchestral music and comes with 200+ special minion cards, each differing in combat strength ranges. With its thousands of possible events and treasures, and a full aging, morale, hidden potential curve and injury/disease engine, can you successfully guide your party through difficult quests, while signing your warriors to pacts and negotiating the best deals for them and yourself?

Redemption: Eternal Quest has cool customizable options via its intuitive UI, including optional permadeath, duration of the game and options on how many quests to complete.

Check it out today and cast your vote of support to get the game on STEAM.


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