Substantial Games, the independent development studio formed by industry veterans (App Annie, HappyLatte, Electronic Arts and Gameloft), today released their debut strategy title The Ember Conflict exclusively on the iTunes App Store for iPad and iPhone. In this tactical strategy game, players use gesture-based controls to fight each other in short and fast-paced online battles.

Core gamers don’t like pay-to-win simulation games, and they don’t want imitations of PC games on their phones. The Ember Conflict is for gamers who don’t compromise their standards. It’s fun for 3 hours at a time or 3 minutes. We’re excited to be part of a new generation of developers rethinking games on mobile.“ – Pin Wang, CEO of Substantial Games.

Set in a futuristic fantasy world, The Ember Conflict casts the player as a young squad commander, charged with recruiting troops and battling it out against formidable foes.

The Ember Conflict captures the excitement of large-scale real-time strategy games in a form designed to be enjoyed easily on tablets and smartphones: quick, satisfying two–minute surges of action. While The Ember Conflict can be played in as little as two minutes, a deep army customization system ensures high replayability and extended session time as desired.

After months of Beta, The Ember Conflict is now free to download on the iTunes App Store and will be frequently updated with new units, maps and features.
For more information, please visit The Ember Conflict’s official website


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