Vortex Attack is a frantic arcade addictive shooter with regular online tournaments through Steam. It aims to be a competitive reference vertical shmup.

It’s release date is:

27th May 2015 for PC-STEAM for 4.99USD.
30th May 2015 as a coin-op machine that will be revealed in the Arcade Con arcade developer conferences in Spain.

Vortex Attack is a frantic shooter with lots of visual effects in which black holes must be closed with the energy which is dropped by its guardians on their destruction.

With the innovative system of vortices, the large variety of upgradable ships and multiplayer up to 3 players on screen this game gives a twist to the genre gettinga strange sense of personal greatness as they play levels .

Game Features

  • Up to 3 simultaneous local players
  • 11 ship models (upgradeable up to 4 levels each)
  • STEAM: Online leaderboards and over 70 achievements
  • Regular tournaments (via Steam or Fairs)
  • Sci-fi particles madness
  • Tons of individual upgrades
  • Hundreds of fun levels featuring the innovative Vortex System, bosses and bonus
  • Multiplayer designed gameplay
  • Action neo-retro FX and music
  • Arcade coin-op: Design and integration

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