Today, Nexon America has released another new Dirty Bomb video, this one taking a closer look at the game with the developers from Splash Damage. The Competitive to the Core video showcases the team-based strategy that goes into mastering Dirty Bomb and speaks to the intense competitive nature of the game. This is a game that takes skill to master and competitive players will feel right at home learning the ins and outs of each Merc. Dirty Bomb is the hardcore first-person PC shooter from UK developer Splash Damage, currently in closed Beta.

Dirty Bomb is a competitive, multiplayer online first-person shooter from developer Splash Damage, creators of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Brink, Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer and several great multiplayer games. Free-to-play and free-to-win, Dirty Bomb features a diverse and colorful cast of collectible mercenaries, or Mercs, who bring a variety of personalities and playstyles to the fray, encouraging players to play smart and play as a team. For more information on the game, please visit


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