Strategy First Inc., a leading digital publisher is proud to announce the 26th Anniversary Sale available on Steam. Each of the over 120 games available will feature an 80% discount off the regular price.
The games available represent a large variety of genres from casual, indie, strategy, racing, simulations and many more. Take advantage today and save 80% on your own games or games for family and friends.

Some of the titles available during the 26th Anniversary sale include and are not limited to Strategy First franchise titles such as Flatout Racing, Ghost Master, and Space Empires. There are great titles from developers from all over the world, all available for 80% off of the regular price.

For the entire list of games we kindly invite you to visit our page here.

Strategy First Director Emanuel Wall: “The world has changed greatly in 26 years. We continue to do our best to bring a large variety of games for everyone to enjoy. In the coming year we plan on surprising people with some big announcements.”
Once more we would like to take this time to thank everyone for their support, patronage and time invested in us.


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