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See zombie, point shoot. Hear zombie, point shoot. Suspect a zombie is around the corner, point and shoot. This is the usual experience when playing a zombie video game. All of this changes with State of Decay, the recently released XBLA title from Undead Labs. No longer are you only thinking about the amount of health and ammunition that you have. Your plate is much fuller now with concerns like….

Do we have enough food to survive another day?

Are there enough beds for survivors to sleep?

Do we have antibiotics to treat our wounded?

With State of Decay, we are treated to what feels like the most accurate depiction of a zombie apocalypse yet. Don’t get me wrong there is still plenty of zombie killing madness to be had , but the wide variety of other concerns you will have when playing State of Decay you will find sometimes it is just as rewarding to steer clear of the walking dead. (Get the reference?)

My time spent with State of Decay so far has easily been some of the best I have seen this year. Sure, it is an XBLA title and perhaps not the most breath-taking visual experience out there. But this title is simply just a lot of fun. From exploring the immediate surroundings of a ranger station to barreling down a highway trying to knock the zombies off the hood of my car, State of Decay simply delivers.

The most impressive aspects of the game really come to light when you reach your first real safe house. The need to gather resources, food, medicine, and other items take the forefront. You are granted the ability to start making choices not only regarding your own well-being, but the state of living for your entire “community”. Whether you are looking for other survivors or trying to gather enough resources to expand your safe house to include enough beds for every member, you are forced into making time management decisions. Decisions that could mean the very life or death of your household. It is truly a good time to be a gamer.

The price point of 1600 Microsoft points is steep enough to warrant a thoughtful purchase, however if you have ever loved the zombie genre rest your mind…… this game is for you. If you don’t want to take my immediate word for it (or everyone else’s by that matter), give the free trial a chance or stay tuned for our full review coming soon.


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  1. IKnowItAll says:

    That games look awesome, Point shoot and kill zombie
    That sounds like a good game… You should get the game bundle with
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition

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