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You heard right!  Your pals at will be branching out soon.  Look for upcoming Podcasts that will feature Industry Announcements, Event Reminders, Guests, Live Callers, and a bunch of other Killer Segments all focusing on the subject we love the most….. Video Games!

Stay tuned for details…..


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  1. cousinsex says:

    Hey guys, can’t wait to see what special guests you will have via you Podcast segment! Could you all do me a bit favor and mention me blog on your site somewhere or even during your livecast, that would be grrrreeaat. I know it’s blatant shameless advertising but I could seriously use some more recognition. I’m adding oodles of stuff to my blog this weekend so come one, come all…and don’t leave!


    • Jon Martin says:

      You know typically, we don’t allow readers to shamelessly promote their site in our comment section. However we always make an effort to support other sites who share the same passion. Since you are admitting your actions however….cheers! Best of luck bro, Feel free to check out our podcast once it goes live and hopefully we can get you on to talk about your site too.

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