Console: Xbox 360 
Reviewer: Jon


* Great feel and excellent quality gives this third-party controller and edge

* Many layout options guarantees optimal setup for every type of gamer

* Included carrying case provides and excellent method for on-the-go gaming


* No option for wireless

* Price point is set at $99

I remember the days when getting a third-party controller as present was a very disappointing thing.  The buttons didn’t feel right, the cord was too short and they always broke way too easy.  Things have apparently changed since the days of classic gaming as third-party peripherals now typically surpass the quality of official devices.   A few months back I reviewed the Tritton 720+ headset and had a great experience, so I reached out and obtaining the MLG Pro Circuit Controller from Mad Catz.  How was it?  Stick around and find out…..

Product Quality:  A

Once again Mad Catz put every effort into making this device leave quite an impression before ever removing it from the packaging.  Every piece is wonderfully laid out and as the brilliant packaging is opened the full capabilities of this device are at the forefront.


The top half of the packaging includes the controller itself already setup with the gloss faceplate and standard Xbox 360 layout.  The bottom half however showcases the included variations of the peripheral.  This is the best part of this controller for me.  Long have I had disgust for the standard D-Pad of the Xbox 360 and looked for better options.

The MLG Pro Circuit includes: The Controller, 3m Cable, 3-Piece Gloss Faceplate, 3-Piece Matte Faceplate, Headset Adapter, Carrying Case, 2 Concave Analog Sticks, 2 Smooth Analog Sticks, 2 35g weights, 1 Xbox 360 style D-Pad and 1 PS3 Style D-Pad.


Yes, that much stuff.  This is truly every gamers dream as each component can be swapped out and placed in any of the available spots.  If you want your two analog sticks at the bottom of the controller, no problem!  If you want two different style analog sticks, go right ahead.  You preference will dictate the layout of this controller and that is what truly impressed me about this device.


Another great feature of the MLG Pro Circuit is the included carrying case.  It is nothing uniquely special, but it does the job and holds all of the included accessories.  This is a very thoughtful and handy inclusion as many competitive  gamers will be using this controller on the go.

 Setup: A

What setup?  This controller is ready to go right out the box.  The only required steps before plugging in the controller is attaching the 3m cable to the top of the controller.  Yeah I know what you are saying, this device is wired.  The good news is that this isn’t all that distracting and attaching the cable is a very simple process.  I am really glad that regardless of being stuck with a wired controller, I am able to remove the cable for storage purposes.  I no longer have to worry about the excess tension being put on the wire outlet of my device.


The next step would be to tailor the controller to your desired layout.  Above I mentioned the included variations and all of possibilities are completely possible.  Pulling off the face plates are extremely simple as they are held on by magnets.  Once the main plate is removed, every component can be popped out-of-place with a simple rotation.  I truly enjoyed experimenting with different style and more hardcore gamers will truly love optimizing their experience.


That’s it right?  Well not so fast.  The last and final decision you must make is on whether or not to include any of the included weights on your controller.  The Pro Circuit Controller included 3 optional 35g attachable weights that can be used to balance out your instrument of death should you choose use them.  I opted out since I prefer the lightest possible controller, but many may miss the weight of batteries or just want to give their controller a more sturdy feel.  The great news is that if you opt out of this edition, there is a blank cover that be put into place to smooth over the back of the controller to eliminate any discomfort.


The Experience: A

So how was it?  Excellent.  Like I stated above the options are plentiful and no matter which components you use, they all found outstanding and up to par with any Official Controllers out there.  I found the Matte finish to be my personal favorite and the non slip surface on the bottom of the controller provides a great feel to the sweatier gamers out there.

The only option for this controller is a wired version and while I was disappointed at first, I was able to look past the cord after a few uses.  This may be a deal breaker for some of you who have larger play areas, but for your average gamer I don’t see this being a terrible situation.

I would really recommend the MLG Pro Circuit Controller for the hardcore gamer, however at a price tag of $99 I would tell your casual gamer to do some research before buying.  If you simply like the variations and possibilities of this product, I would say dive right in.  This controller is everything that it wants to be and a great option for those looking to enhance their gameplay experience.

Overall: A


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