Sure the movies were great, but what about the Disney Series Tron: Uprising?  To be honest, I haven’t watched a lot of it.  From what I have seen however, the show is well produced and provides another layer to the already outstanding universe.  Some may argue that the direction taken by Tron: Legacy was too far from the original and didn’t have the same “stay power” as the 80’s classic.  I couldn’t disagree more.  Tron: Legacy provided all the necessary updates, countless awesomeness moments, and further expanded on the universe allowing for future projects to easily to find their own place without taking away from the original.

Taking place between Tron and Tron: Legacy, Uprising’s animation style and younger set of characters help bring a fresh new audience into the mix.  Voiced by Elijah Wood, Beck is a young program being trained by Tron himself and leading the revolution inside the grid.  Sounds good enough right?  The Tron world is all about the atmosphere for me and after Tron: Legacy, style was the biggest challenge this young series has to overcome.  With the slick Animation/CGI visuals, there is no doubt that it hits the nail on the head in that department.  But what about the music?  Daft Punk’s stellar score can be very difficult to steer away from.  Tron: Legacy’s Soundtrack has some of the single best tracks that I have heard on a score.  So how does Tron: Uprising fall in line?

I am proud to say that this soundtrack stands on it’s own while maintaining the same impact as the film’s score.  To be fair, most of the soundtrack was composed by Joseph Trapanese who worked along side Daft Punk for the Tron: Legacy Score.  While we are sharing important facts, the soundtrack also includes a handful of remixes provided by 3OH!3, Opiuo, David Hiller, and the 16-year-old Cole Plante.  Tron: Uprising’s Soundtrack consists of twenty tracks, three of which being remixes.  The final track is the brand new entry from the young star Cole Plante.  With that out of the way, let’s get into the meat of things.

I was immediately impressed with the title tracks of the album.  They served to not only remind me of what the Tron Universe was all about, but helped me to immerse myself back into the world that I hadn’t fully dove into since 2010’s feature film.  The themes are strong and consistent with the familiar tone of the film.  This stellar collection of music solidifies the presence made by the film and heightens the production value of the Disney series to an unprecedented level.  You will experience amazing depth and diversity with these tracks, provoking a wide variety of emotions and even a few moments of “Was this progression from the film, or a new composition?”  The remixes are a great inclusion and add to the surprisingly high number of “Single” type tracks.

This soundtrack comes highly recommended for not just fans of the series Tron: Uprising, but for fans of the universe.  Any Tron: Legacy fan would get enjoyment out of this score.  I truly commend Joseph Trapanese for another iconic entry into the world of Tron, and I can only hope that we see more of his work on future Tron films and projects.

Here is the complete track listing:

1. “Beck’s Theme – Lightbike Battle” Joseph Trapanese 3:57
2. “Tesler Throwdown” Joseph Trapanese 4:13
3. “Paige’s Past” Joseph Trapanese 3:53
4. “Lux’s Sacrifice” Joseph Trapanese 4:51
5. “Price Of Power” Joseph Trapanese 5:01
6. “Rescuing The Rebellion” Joseph Trapanese 3:07
7. “Dyson Drops In (Scars Suite)” Joseph Trapanese 2:11
8. “Tron’s Promise (Scars Suite)” Joseph Trapanese 4:42
9. “Tron’s Turn (Scars Suite)” Joseph Trapanese 2:22
10. “Beck Betrayed (Scars Suite)” Joseph Trapanese 1:43
11. “Torture (Scars Suite)” Joseph Trapanese 3:33
12. “Revenge (Scars Suite)” Joseph Trapanese 2:41
13. “Redemption (Scars Suite)” Joseph Trapanese 3:29
14. “Goodbye Renegade” Joseph Trapanese 2:24
15. “Compressed Space” Joseph Trapanese 5:53
16. “Renegade’s Pledge – End Credits” Joseph Trapanese 1:52
17. “Lightbike Battle” (3OH!3 Remix) Joseph Trapanese 4:43
18. “Inferno” (Opiuo Remix) Joseph Trapanese 5:07
19. “Dyson” (David Hiller Remix) Joseph Trapanese 5:00
20. “Rezolution”

For more information visit these links:
iTunes http://smarturl.it/tuiTunesa1
Amazon Disc On Demand http://smarturl.it/tuAmazona1
Visit the official Disney XD site for “TRON: Uprising” for more information: http://disney.go.com/xd/tron/.

Become a fan at Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/TronUprising.


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