“Mom, I need batteries. For my Game Boy. Yeah I need 4”

I can’t tell you how many times I said those words. And I can’t tell you how many times I couldn’t play my Game Boy because my batteries were dead and I didn’t have a wall or car charger.

But while surfing Ebay for some vintage video game accessories, I came across a SOLAR CHARGER for the Game Boy. SOLAR! And this came out in 93, when I was still addicted to Tetris on my Game Boy! I could have used that! I wonder how well it works?

And the crazy thing? There were TWO companies putting these out. Naki, and Innovation. Surely they were in most of the stores then right? If you had one let me know if it works well or not!

If you are looking to try one out, here is the Naki version, and here is the Innovation version both being sold on Ebay.

Here are some pics of the Naki version from

Naki-Solar-Pak-Game-Boy-Original-Gameboy-Solar-Charger-Battery-Pack-6 Naki-Solar-Pak-Game-Boy-Original-Gameboy-Solar-Charger-Battery-Pack-13 Naki-Solar-Pak-Game-Boy-Original-Gameboy-Solar-Charger-Battery-Pack-14 Naki-Solar-Pak-Game-Boy-Original-Gameboy-Solar-Charger-Battery-Pack-15


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