So, I’ve never been to a Video Game Live event before, or any concert for that matter and there were a lot of things on my mind during the months leading up to it. What should I expect? Is this a formal event? What kind of people would be there? How many people would be there? Would anyone even notice us? It was all kind of nerve-racking. Still, I was excited to listen to some of the greatest music in gaming history live.

The Louisville Palace was also a new experience for me. Definitely one of the classiest looking places I’ve ever been to. It was kind of weird going in there before the crowd. It was pretty cool talking with Tommy Tallarico, though.

Tommy seemed like your average guy and really worked with us to get everything set up with the Xbox 360 give away. I wish we had a chance to talk with him more, or maybe even get an interview in, but he was understandably a busy man. And we were busy as well when the doors opened, with Reid and Jon passing out stickers and advertising our site, me taking pictures of the gamers and cosplayers, and Rob manning the tables while people played on the classic consoles.

The show itself was good. There were some minor technical difficulties, and the lights kept getting into my eyes. But it was fun to see everyone getting excited listening to their favorite gaming music live. I remember everyone getting particularly loud when the orchestra started playing the theme to Skyrim.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experiences there. I think we were all exhausted by the time everything was said and done, but if and when they come back, I really hope we get the opportunity to do it again.

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