So Big Rob was hanging out at Video Games Live with the rest of the Unpaid Gamers this weekend, and boy did we have a blast!

There were literally hundreds of people who attended the performance and quite a few came to our booth during the pre-show and intermission.  We met a large amount of lively and fun gamers much like ourselves who just love video games and everything to do with gaming.  It was definitely a great experience and I can’t wait to go back again next year!

The things that seemed to pop out the most about this years pre-show was  the sheer number of old school and retro gamers that we met, many of their eye’s lit when they saw our booth with retro video games.  I will also have to say that when it comes to gaming the Louisville gamers knew how to play nice!  I was the one running the booth most of the night and I didn’t even have to ask a single person to give up a controller or to give someone else a chance to play.  Every person knew when they had been playing a while and passed the controller on to the next person in line who wanted to play.   There were many people with a ton of stories of old gaming experiences.  Some were retro game collectors who joyously told me about their retro game collection.  Some told me stories of hard to beat games and long gaming hours.  It was like being in a largely crowded room of people who all knew how I felt.  Strangely it didn’t feel like a crowd of people I didn’t know, and true I have lived in Louisville almost all my life, there were many faces I didn’t know but no one was a stranger, everyone was a friend in that crowd.

The show was spectacular, and the Louisville Orchestra sure played their hearts out.  There were many new songs that were not in previous VGL performances I’ve heard or been to and a few great surprises as well.  Tommy and the gang at Video Games live always seem to find a way to enthrall and keep the music fresh.

On a different note, none of the previous performances I had been to included Flute Link.  My god what an amazing artist she was.  All the songs she was featured in or played herself were amazing and I have to commend her on such a great performance.  I was also pleasantly surprised with the Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross finale.  It was one of the most amazing musical scores I’ve ever heard live and it almost brought tears to the Big Rob’s eyes.

In the end I was pleasantly satisfied with the experience I had at Video Games Live and as for the people we met, please continue to keep in touch with us via our website and e-mails.  You never know where the Unpaid Gamers will pop up next!


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