What a blast we had at Video Games Live Saturday Night! Our booth by the bar was set up with some vintage consoles for people to play, and the controllers never got cold! Even during the intermission the crowd bum rushed the consoles and got in some epic Street Fighter II matches!

Congrats to Jodene Topran who won our FREE Xbox 360 give away! There was an insane line to sign up for it but I’m sure she will agree it was worth the wait!

Video Games Live was an amazing experience all together. The music, the videos, the musicians, everything was top notch!

As we worked our booth, handed out stickers, and talked with the crowd, I was overwhelmed by the positive energy everyone had. People were talking with us about everything from Nintendo to the weather, and even putting our stickers on their shirts.

It was an amazing time to hang out with fellow gamers and we really want to thank everyone who attended for making VGL a very warm atmosphere!

Check out our Gallery Below


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  1. jdh5153 says:

    Looks like it was a blast!


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