In celebration of the FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary Square Enix have been searching for the ultimate FINAL FANTASY SUPER FAN. Fans from all over the world have created videos showcasing why they believe they are the biggest fan of FINAL FANTASY.

The winner will receive their rightful title and will also have their name credited in LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII, 2x tickets to the FINAL FANTASY Distant Worlds concert in January 2013, Paris, France and an Official Final Fantasy goodie bag.

Square Enix have carefully selected 25 finalists, but that’s where our responsibilities end – now it’s up to you! Only the Square Enix community can decide who is worthy of being crowned the first ever FINAL FANTASY SUPER FAN. All you have to do is head to and pick the entry that inspires you – who do you think displays all the properties of a FINAL FANTASY SUPER FAN?

Don’t delay; voting for the first ever FINAL FANTASY SUPERFAN is only open from to December 7. Every vote counts, so be part of our Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary celebrations and cast your vote!


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