The Game Creators have announced the launch of an ambitious Kickstarter Project to realise the creation of FPS Creator Reloaded.

Thousands of FPS Creator owners around the globe are already creating high quality, bespoke action games and sharing them with friends, family and with the wider fan base around the world. FPS Creator Reloaded will take this experience to the next level, with enhanced visuals, audio, greatly enriched functionality, effects and more.

“The FPS Creator community have often astounded us with their games”, reports Rick Vanner, director of The Game Creators. “Developing Reloaded via Kickstarter is a great way to work with our community to develop a collaborative tool that they told us they wanted.  It’s also a fantastic entry point for newcomers to be part of a new phase in FPSC development”.

FPS Creator Reloaded will include over forty enhancements and build on its popular predecessor, across ten areas covering landscape terrain, PhysX physics, improved AI, all new weapons, game play enhancements, upgraded graphics engine, awesome new HUDs, performance optimisations and high quality audio. There will also be a set of new media including six new game characters and plenty of wicked weapons. Kickstarter stretch goals will bring 17 more features to the table, covering inventory systems, complex road and path design, sophisticated bot intelligence and more.

Backers of the project can expect numerous rewards including the completed software, early beta releases and even their visage as a 3D character in the application.

The FPS Kickstarter project expands on the highlights presented here, and can be found at


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