Ghost Patrol is an innovative game for iPod touch and iPhone that leverages the mobile device’s camera, accelerometer and geo-location to create an immersive and wildly entertaining multimedia experience. 
Game features:
·      Deep entertaining story tailored to players’ environment and revealed in episodes that reward their progress. Initial release includes 11 ghost characters and levels with more content, characters and surprises currently in development.
·      Two-tiered gameplay lets players scan real world surroundings for ghostly auras, then contact the entities using fast and fun Rock Band™-style gameplay with a supernatural twist.  Succeed and capture spooky pictures of the ghosts.
·      Original retro-comic characters created by renowned Hollywood illustrator Pete Von Sholly, known for his work onMars Attacks!, Disney’s James and the Giant Peach, The Mask and other distinguished movies.
·      Collect and share photos and trading cards. Complete the game and collect 50 ghostly photos and 10 demented trading cards.  Share photos on your favorite social network and visit the Ghost Patrol website in the weeks ahead to discover secrets about this arcane agency.

Ghost Patrol is available now for $0.99 on iPhone and iPod touch from the App Store 
Visit Ghost Patrol web headquarters at

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Follow us on Twitter at and hashtag #ghostpatrol
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