Gioteck, the award-winning independent peripherals designer and manufacturer, has announced the release of the FR-1 Wireless Racing Wheel for PS3.

Delivering a truly immersive and realistic driving experience for all petrol heads, the ergonomically designed FR-1 steering wheel boasts a number of features to ensure you feel like you’re in the fast lane.

As well as looking the real deal with a carbon fibre style finish, the FR-1 even feels like you’re sat at the wheel, featuring rumble feedback so you’re aware of every bump, crash and skid on the track.

The inclusion of precision ‘nudge’ buttons reduces over-steer and helps guide users in the right direction, when the slightest turn of the wheel won’t do, ideal when you’re locked in a straight-line head-to-head to the finish.

Any advantage over your opponent is vital, so the FR-1 includes interactive buttons and utilises the best component parts for rotational precision, as well as a contoured D-pad for quicker selection control.

Styled on the latest automotive materials and trends, the FR-1 has a look that will stand out from the rest.

Key features:

Carbon styling – styled on the latest automotive materials and trends, the carbon styling gives the FR-1 a look that’ll stand-out from the rest

Ergonomically designed – the utmost in comfort for hours of ache-free gameplay

Rumble feedback – for a true in-car feel, the FR-1 has built-in rumble feedback that will make you feel like you’re driving

Precise nudge – ever found yourself not on the right track? These precise nudge buttons guide you in the right direction when the slightest turn of the wheel won’t do

Contoured D-pad – for quicker selection control, the contoured and dished directional pad ensures easier and precise actions

Angled arms – angled wheel arms designed for the utmost in comfort

Manual shift – additional bumpers when you need to change gear in a split second

Sensitivity switch – allows you to refine the way the way the wheel responds to suit your driving style

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