‘DeadGrind’ brings the Grind House to Android™ compatible tablets and mobile devices in this latest game from independent developer ‘BulletLike’. In this hardcore “endless shooter” you must race against the clock to dispatch the zombie horde before you become one of them. With blood and guts galore this action-packed FPS takes you through 6 stages of pure HELL on a mission to escape the city. Your mission is simple – survive if you can – and tackle the hordes of screaming zombies through stages such as ‘Graveyard’, ‘Forest’, ‘Canyons’, ‘City’, ‘Bridge To Hell’, and even ‘Hell itself’ !!

‘DeadGrind’ is not for the weak at heart and only for players brave enough to fight the toughest of battles in blood-gushing environments! As something really cool and unique the developer has signed a licensing deal with Vancouver-based progressive rock-band “Fen”. In this licensing agreement the game includes two of their tracks, the instrumental “The World Is Young”, and “Cockroach Eyelids”. More information about “Fen” can be found by visiting their Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/fenmusic or at www.ripple-music.com.



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