Award winning independent developer MumboJumbo, LLC announces the iTunes Store release of Zombie Bowl-O-Rama, the addicting undead sports spectacle that spares no laughs and is sure to strike you in the funny bone. Zombie Bowl-O-Rama, published on iOS by MumboJumbo Mobile, LLC, is available in HD for iPad at $4.99, and free for a limited time for iPhone (3GS and later) and iPod touch (3rd generation and later).

“ Zombie Bowl-o-Rama is a howling good time that will leave you wanting more” according to  When rogue meteors crash into the local cemetery, emitting green radiation, a zombie outbreak ensues. The zombies have taken over your favorite lanes, so select a colorful character and grab your favorite ball.  It’s up to you to send ‘em back to the graveyard where they belong.

The customary white pins have been replaced with flesh-eating undead. Transform into a zombie hunter… armed with a bowling ball and the ability to adjust the trajectory of the ball to avoid obstacles or grab power ups.  Full of tricks and treats like an exploding ball, the ability to turn the lane to ice or your opponent’s ball into a cabbage, Zombie Bowl-O-Rama is more entertaining than your typical zombie slayer games.

This Halloween bowl or beware!

Key Game Features:

  • Six screamy lanes to battle your way through to the big Showdown
  • 10 terrifying balls and 1 Zombie head to choose from
  • Crafty tricks to throw those Zombies for a loop: Werewolves, MiniCorpses, Buzz Saw and Dance Fever
  • Delectable treats to help you knock ‘em dead: ZombieNator, Meatball, ZomBees and Brain Balls
  • Zombies advance if you miss them the first time, so get your aim on!


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