Running With Scissors fans’ who are constantly asking forPOSTAL 2 on Steam over the years may finally get their wish this Holiday season! Thanks to the new Steam GREENLIGHT program publishing program, you now have full control of making this a reality! Imagine playing POSTAL 2 Multiplayer with thousands of people all over the world who have never experienced “Sharing The Pain.” For years great indie games have gone unnoticed, overshadowed by bigger budget mainstream games.

Thanks to GREENLIGHT on Steam, the gaming worlds leading source (pun intended) for digital distribution, is opening its doors to the world of underground gaming and uncovering great hidden gems for the world to experience! Imagine the future of our beloved POSTAL franchise after introducing it to new audiences around the world, the possibilities are endless! You can easily support Running With Scissors by helping to GREENLIGHT POSTAL 2 in just three simple steps:

1: Click this link
2: Login to your steam account
3: Click “YES” where it asks if you would buy this game on Steam

And that’s it! Very quick and easy! Now please tell all of your friends. The more votes, the closer we are to being Greenlit.

For more information on POSTAL games and gear, visit


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