What is your favorite Resident Evil Box Art?

With Resident Evil 6 about to be released, I realized that although I can’t wait to play it…I don’t really care for the box art. I mean, it’s to the point, but I can’t help but remember how awesome some of the other RE box art titles are.

Needless to say I’m slightly disappointed with just a giant number 6, but that’s just me. So I’ve compiled the MAIN series box art below to re familiarize us all of the past art. (I must say, I usually only remember the original Resident Evil’s box art as the Director’s Cut with the zombie looking over his shoulder.) I had forgotten what the original release’s art looked like! Tell us what your favorite RE Main Series box art title is!

Note: I did not include alternate box art, or spin-off box art. Just North American Main Series (1-6).

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  2. banloss says:

    I have to say that the original box art was great and all, but the box art for Resident Evil Director’s cut for the playstation is probably my favorite. No one can forget that picture stuck in your head as a kid!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Though Resident Evil 5’s box art is pretty slick, Resident Evil 4 does have a man with a Chain Saw and a bag over his head. Winnner.

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