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“At the next MAGFest, I met a guy named A_Rival. Renowned for his Mega Man covers, he became an amazing, well-known chiptuner in his own right. Fast-forwarding to last year, I got to share the stage with him, and he played a hard-hitting club mix of his chiptune song “8-Bit Pimp”. It really influenced me in a big way, and I decided an Atari 800 cover was in order. Here it is:

This year, I’m booked to play MAGFest again, alongside chip brethren like BR1GHT PR1MATE and Danimal Cannon, and inspirations like Cheap Dinosaurs and virt. Even Yuzo Koshiro — the man behind such great classic soundtracks like Ys and Streets of Rage — will be there. Please come join me at MAGFest 11. You’ll be able to chip out with your bits out to some great music by all of us:

By the way, I’m also booked Nov 17 for a show in Fredericksburg, VA called 8-bit Invasion. It’ll be a fun day with a bunch of local chip acts. There’s a facebook page for it:

I’m still hard at work on several game soundtracks, including the official Otakon game, so there will be more music soon. =]”


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