Console: iOS 
Date Released:  September 1, 2010
Date Reviewed:   March 6, 2012
Reviewer: Jon
* Non-Stop action as you progress through a storyline inspired by the comics
* Controls are extremely fluid and never become a nuisance
* Feels more like Spider-man then some of the games on a home console
* While exciting and fun, repeating the same formula can become repetitive 
* Lack of multiplayer is disappointing  
 Superhero games can be very tricky to pull off.  I have played the majority of them and have seen quite a few failures.  While there are a lot that you can only shake your head at, sometimes a studio is able to actually pull it off.  Spider-man being one of my favorite heroes, tends to make me overly critical at times when it comes to seeing the web-slinger in action.  I was really excited to give Spider-man: Total Mayhem an in-depth look due to the large amount of positive user reviews that I have seen.       
Presentation :   A
Graphics / Animation / Sound
For such a little package, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem really packs a punch.  Looking past the “simplified” models of most iOS games, this is a great looking title.  Colors are vibrant, and every element looks like it jumped right out of the comics.  The animation isn’t the smoothest I have seen, but watching Spider-Man fly through the air as he contorts his body feels as authentic as they come.  Characters are represented well enough that anyone familiar with the Ultimate Universe should have no issue with spotting favorites at first glance.  The Cast of Characters isn’t large in number, but remains a solid collection of rivals for our friendly neighborhood Spider-man.  
Sound is also a strong point for the game as the now common “Theatrical” style score is present for Spider-man: Total Mayhem.  From the moment you start the game, to the time you exit the application Gameloft has done an outstanding job of throwing you into the Marvel Universe.         

 Single Player : A
Game mechanics / Length / difficulty 
To be perfectly honest, the control scheme is far from anything special.  This somehow is the best thing about it, as the controls are extremely simple.  Giving you a joystick on one side of the screen and three buttons on the right, there is absolutely nothing complex about this aspect of the game.  Your three action buttons consist of jump, attack and web.  Hitting these buttons in different combinations can result in a few different variations of moves, but for the most part your move-set doesn’t have a lot of variables.  This can become slightly repetitive after a while, but the game isn’t terribly long so it never really becomes a huge issue.  The bottom line is that beating up enemies in this game is just a lot of fun.  Combos are an extremely easy to pull off, and the amount of webbing given at any time is generous enough to use excessively.
The variations in gameplay come from a few different moments.  The first of which are quick-time events.  These come mostly as a way to utilize the Spider-Sense.  When an enemy attacks or an object is coming at you there are a few different style buttons that can appear and require interaction in order to avoid being hit.  This is actually a lot of fun as well and manages to provide quite a few opportunities for the player to snap out of the “button mashing” mentality. 
Boss fights are another form of mixing things up and can tend to be the only real challenge of the entire experience.  From Sandman to Venom, you will have your work cut out for you at times.  Most of the bosses can be hurt by simple attacks, but each also manages to provide you with opportunities to inflict a little extra damage that can give you an edge in combat.  Sandman for example can be damaged by rupturing water pipes and fire extinguishers.  These fights are pretty frequent and serve as something to look forward to when beating up on nameless other characters.
  .   .         
Multiplayer : F
Game mechanics / features / Online features
There are no multiplayer features in this game.
Replay Value : A
Lasting appeal / Bonus Content / DLC
With multiple difficulties, pictures to take during boss battles, and comic art to collect there is a surprising amount of extras included in this game.  Beating the game will give you access to the black symbiotic suit as well.  There is even a timed boss battle mode that will leave you trying to see how fast you can defeat Venom, Electro or any other boss in the game.  There is simply a ton of content that will keep you coming back multiple times.  While a multiplayer mode would have been a nice addition, it isn’t really needed.  Just jumping in and beating up baddies for a while can be a great distraction and can easily eat up more time than what you may have available in a portable setting.  But why would you derive yourself?  So what if you are immersed in saving the citizens of New York from some of Marvel’s worst while the receptionist is trying to get your attention?  Treat yourself and pick this one up, it is likely to be the best superhero experience on your portable device.     
 Overall : A

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